3V Gear Covert Gun Case

Gun cases have never been the most “covert” type of tactical gear. There’s really only one flavor of gun bag, the one that screams “I’m headed to the range with an arsenal of death and destruction”. This style of gun bag is covered in MOLLE webbing, pouches and lots of organizational functionality. Great for the range or transport but not practical if one is looking to keep a lower profile. This is where the free market system comes into play to deliver a new option – the 3V Gear Gun Case.

The designers at 3V Gear took their popular Ranger gun case and started chopping off the fat. Gone are the external pouches and MOLLE webbing. Gone is the extra space for range gear. They removed the shoulder straps and replaced with a single diagonal strap configurable for wear on either side. The end product is a slim, boring non-descript padded case with a carry strap.

3V Gear Covert Gun Case

After loading the case up with my go to guns – the AK 47 and Glock 19, I decided to put the “covert” gun case to the test. Dressed in business casual, I strolled around downtown for the afternoon, stopping to chat with a traffic cop, tourists and breaking for lunch at a local burrito joint. Nobody gave my bag a second glance, except for one person who asked me if I played an instrument. ‘

I found the bag light and easy to carry either by hand or slung across my bag. The external zippers are smooth to operate, making weapon access quick and easy. The interior is designed for minimal gear, enough room for a small trauma kit, rifle and pistol mags and room for cleaning equipment.

The rifle compartment is designed for an M4 with collapsible stock or a weapon of similar length. My Romanian AK with a Polish Beryl stock was a near match with the exception of the muzzle break making it a tight fit.

Wrap Up

This new design works hard to live up to the covert designation but leaves room for improvement. The main issue for me is the color. Black nylon screams “tactical” whenever I see it. Any prepper or survivalist with half a brain could easily assume the contents of the bag. The easy fix is to switch up the color options. Instead of a single color, maybe duo or tritone color swatch would work better, same as the colors found on gym by or tennis bag. Make it “sporty” with pattern overlays or bold colors. This design tweak could work wonders to make this bag next to invisible in a crowd or any environment.

Get more info on this gun case at 3V Gear Gun Case and don’t forget to drop a comment below!

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