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Reality Based INCH Bag & Long Term Survival Gear

Let's start by stating the obvious: It's next to impossible to pack EVERYTHING you need in a single bag. The concept of the INCH (I'm Never Coming Home) is a huge gray area with a host of variables from travel, gear, location, situation, etc. In order to simplify this concept, let's start with an understanding that the INCH bag/gear is simply an extension [...]

Is This The Perfect EDC Flashlight?

olight edc flashlight
The EDC Flashlight. Everyone needs one, it's an essential tool for day to day life. From hunting for lost toys to locating car keys, a good flashlight is worth its weight in gold. Taking the time to select a quality light makes a huge difference. Olight proves this point with the S1R Baton II, packed with more power/features than most full-size [...]

How to Get Healthy with Basic Daily Habits

Are you ready to take control of your life and make health happen? The key to achieving good health can be as simple as changing your daily habits. With a few basic moves, you can strengthen your body, enhance your brain, and take better care of your overall health. So, if you are looking to boost your health, try committing to these head-to-toe [...]

How To Build A Bug Out Bag: Survival Essentials

My first bug out bag (BOB) build from scratch was a daunting process. I realized that I must consider the environment, hostile elements, the location and more. These variables help to define the gear configuration. The mission at hand dictates the contents of the pack and the season plays a big role as well. He or she may upgrade the shelter, add a [...]

Essential Survival Gear – Thrunite Flashlight

A flashlight is an essential bit of gear for any EDC kit or survival bag. One can use a flashlight for self-defense or illuminate the darkness.  There's a huge difference between el cheapo Walmart special and spending a few extra dollars. I learned the lesson the hard way when it comes to cheap gear. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for, nothing [...]

Going the Distance: Tips for Running Farther and Faster

Running is more popular than ever, and people are pounding the pavement for a variety of reasons, whether they’re trying to drop a few pounds, build their social circle, or even support their mental health. One thing is certain: this sport is fun and it offers a variety of benefits for people of all fitness levels! It’s no wonder, then, that so [...]

Tips for Winterizing Your Workout

Just because the sun sets sooner and the temperatures drop quickly during the winter doesn’t mean your workout needs to freeze up. The winter might be about hibernation for some animals, but if you want to maintain, sustain or even gain on your fitness goals, sleeping through the winter is the last thing you should do. Winter weather can be a major [...]

How to Increase Your Security While Living in the Wild

Security is one of the most important aspects of survival. Once you are in a stable area with some resources, the next step in staying alive is protecting what you have. That means making sure you do not get sick, you can store what you have without risk of losing it, defend yourself, and protect what you have even when you cannot be there yourself to look [...]

Bug Out Bag Review: Tactical Vs Gray Man Packs

It's 2017 and the mass appeal for Bug Out Bags doesn't seem to have settled. Thanks to natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, earthquakes in Mexico and widespread flooding, everyone can see the absolute need for a bug out bag. A well designed pack must have a solid foundation of survival essentials and then build upon that with first aid kits, [...]

Tactical Survival Kit: A-TACS MOLLE Belt Rig

Packing essential survival gear is a no brainer when you start planning your next adventure. Having the basics such as a fire starter and canteen just make sense, no matter the mission or situation. Do a little research to find the best options using and you're well on your way. The big question is how to carry this survival kit. Do you [...]