Chapstick – 20 Uses For Survival

A tube of Chapstick might not look like much, but it has multiple uses in the field. Chapstick is a cheap addition to your survival kit, evac gear or your primary ruck. I’ve found it handy in more than a few situations which makes it a must have item in my gear. Let’s discuss a few uses for the all mighty Chapstick.

1. Moisten skin and lips
2. Moisten hands and scrapes.
3. Rub it on cotton balls for a long burning tinder source.
4. Treat bug bites, helps reduce itching.
5. Stop small cuts from bleeding
6. Protect your skin from the cold, prevent frostbite.
7. Rub directly onto your knife blade to prevent rust
8. Use it as sunscreen.
9. Prevent blisters.
10. Dip in ashes from your fire and rub under your eyes to cut down on glare.
11. Make a candle by cutting a q-tip in half, rub the cotton on the chap stick, turn it over and stick the other end into the tube. Stand it up, light the q-tip and you have a DIY candle.
12. Lubricate the bearing block on your bow drill so the spindle will spin more easily.
13. Lubricate threads, joints or zippers.
14. Patch small holes in your gear.
15. Rub on leather to add a layer of water resistance.
16. Clean your glasses with it and then use a cloth to polish.
17. Roll up your cash and stuff into an empty tub.
18. Make a mini medical kit that stores OTC meds such as NSAID, Anti Nausea meds, etc.
19. Waterproof ziplok bags by rubbing it on the seams
20. Use an empty tube to store premeasured powder or shot for a survival shotgun

Those are the top 20 uses I can think of, but I’m sure there are more. Out of that list, I mainly use Chapstick to moisten skin, treat bug bites, make my own tinder and to store OTC meds.  Come to think of it, you could also use an empty tube to store matches.

Of course there are more than a few brands to choose from, some people swear by the classic Chapstick brand or Blistex and others prefer Burts Bees.

Either one you choose is going to provide you with tons of uses in a survival situation or in every day life.

Check out this video for a full breakdown of ways to use your Chapstick.

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