Last Resort Fire Kit

Despite the best plans and training, we all know that Murphy is waiting to strike – “Anything that can go wrong, will”. If you had a chance to watch the first season of Alone, you probably felt that gut wrenching pain when one of the contestants lost his ferro rod. Faced with no reliable way to make fire, he had to tap out.

Lucky for us, we don’t have anyone dictating how much gear we can pack into the wilderness. When it comes to fire, I tend to err on the side of more vs less. I have a small fire kit stored on my person which serves as my go to. This works fine for a day or so in the field, but what happens if you lose that kit? What happens if the matches get wet and your tinder won’t light?

In order to alleviate this potential issue, I created my Last Resort Fire Kit. This is a beefed up fire kit with three sources for tinder, three types of fire starters and some other survival essentials.

I started with a waterproof cellphone case. This is the perfect choice for a container considering the slim profile and airtight seal. It’s never a bad idea to have paracord on hand so I added a combo of paracord wrap and carabiner hook. Following the rules of three, I added the fire specific components and tossed in a beeswax tea candle for good measure.

Last Resort Fire Kit

The candle is a great proven way to dry out wood, provide light and other purposes. Finally I added the Gerber Paraframe, a folder which can be used for making small feather sticks, stripping bark and as a backup to my primary blade.

Last Resort Fire Kit

The first attempt at this build included a traditional ferro rod and striker by Light My Fire. However, it was too bulky for the case so it was substituted for the Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL. The Exotac fire starter is about the size of a pen, making it a perfect fit with the rest of the items in the case.

  1. Fatwood Chunks:
  2. Gerber Paraframe:
  3. UCO Beeswax Tea Candle:
  4. Wetfire Tinder:

This kit lives at the bottom of my pack, hooked into a loop with the carabiner. If I happen to lose my first line fire kit or it gets wet or unusable, I know my backup is always there, ready for use when I need it.

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