The Art Of Camouflage And Concealment

Effective use of camouflage can be the game changer in a hostile situation. In the simplest terms, camouflage is deception. It is the attempt to create a false reality in the mind of the enemy. Sun Tzu wrote that “the history of warfare is the history of deception”.

There are many ways to deceive the enemy, one of the most famous being the use of the Trojan Horse by the Greeks during the 12th Century B.C. Deception can take many forms, one of which is camouflage uniforms. Before the dawn of World War II, the concept of a mass produced camouflage uniform was not possible due to lack of technology and other factors. However by the end of the conflict, camouflage uniforms had seen widespread usage, led by the Germans.

The Art Of Camouflage And Concealment The Art Of Camouflage And Concealment

After the war, Russia took close notice of the variety of German patterns. They took inspiration from those designs and created their own patterns while still using original patterns such as the Amoeba. Since that point in time, Russia has produced well over 40 patterns, many still in use today.

Instead of adopting a single pattern for their armed forces, the Russian Army focuses on usage of camouflage dependent on the season and environment. Therefore we see many patterns, ranging from the modern Digital Flora to the older issue patterns such as Berezka and TTsKO.

The Art Of Camouflage And Concealment

It’s this massive selection of camouflage that attracted me to Russian camouflage a few years back. At that time, there were only a few companies producing Russian patterns. It wasn’t till late last year when I stumbled across a new company by the name of Geina Tactics. They fully embraced a wide range of patterns, from the US Multicam to the SS-Leto pattern.

After some conversation, they sent me a sample of their product lineup to review and test. Needless to say, I was more than happy to head to the field for some real world camouflage use.

Of course no camouflage review can be complete without a video. This production focuses on the Pogranichnik (Border Guard) pattern which is perfect for the transitional period that occurs at the end of the winter. The time of year where it’s not truly spring yet and the vestiges of winter still are visible. The majority of foliage sports deep reds, browns but new growth is evident in budding green leaves and plants.

The Art Of Camouflage And Concealment

However, in a very short period of time, summer will be in full effect and the forest will be a dense maze of light and dark greens. Thanks to Giena Tactics, I’ll be back in the field to test out their summer pattern, the EMR2. This pattern plus more are available in our store, including our best seller, the SAS Boonie Hat.

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23 thoughts on “The Art Of Camouflage And Concealment

  1. Cannot wait to see the EMR2 review, I have a base 2 set and boonie from Giena in EMR2 and have found in our pine forest areas it performs at least as good as autumn partisan and tibetarn.
    The EMR2 base colour is almost a perfect match to Coyoty Brown gear as well, they look very nice together 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear, I plan on testing in that same kind of environment, hopefully in the next month or so. I got a Russian pack in Digital Flora which will go well. But also got a USMC FILBE Assault pack in the Coyote Brown. Great stuff!

  2. A month until you test EMR2? I have the full VKBO set from BTK group, and also a set of the much darker flora but I find that they both just end up looking OD green at a distance. Was hoping to see a demo of EMR2 before ordering some but I’m also looking into SSO Spectre patterns as they’re much cheaper and I already have a Spectre ATAKA 5 backpack that rocks.

    1. I’ll be testing this coming weekend. Video will be posted the following week. SSO Spectre is a pattern I really like, it’s on my list to test. I can tell you when I used the new Russian assault pack last year (Digi Flora), it was very effective. EMR2 is basically the same.

      1. Awesome, will you be testing a whole uniform or just a boonie? I’m also buying a SSO MOLLE belt setup with pouches in the SPECTRE pattern to match my pack. I figure that since it’s a brighter and has the tan it would really mix well with my EMR clothes, or even MARPAT woodland cause it has the brighter greens. Then I’ve also got a ProfArmy version of SURPAT that works really good too almost everywhere but best as an urban pattern or when you’re in the woods with a lot of dead or grey trees around.

        I’m in NorCal usually on the coast where everything stays pretty green but inland during the summer the heat really kills everything turning it yellow. For me I always went to MARPAT woodland because even in the light, the darker pattern is still harder to see at a distance and blends well and I’m compared it to ATACS FG and Multicam which stick out. It’s just the brown isn’t too realistic for where I’m at not even in autumn, EMR blends really well anywhere but gets too dark for when everything is dried out and dead. So for me I’m jumping on a SSO Partizan SPECTRE suit since it reverses to be lighter and also considering trying the standard uniform along with SPECTRE SKWO. But I’m really interested in EMR2 because it’s got that bright tan all over it so looking forward to your test.

        1. The whole uniform and hopefully the boonie, I’ll have to check my gear to see if I have one in that pattern. You’ll love the SMERSH, I have one in the regular pattern, it’s my go to rig. Would like to see the SPECTRE with MARPET BDUs. Since you have those yellow colors, the Berezka Yellow might be a good fit for you. We got quite a few sizes available on the our main website:

          1. Could you snap a few photos of your EMR2 for me before the review and have it next to regular EMR for compare and contrast, maybe some outdoor pictures too? 😀

          2. No problem, I have the “real” Digital Flora on my 6sh112 pack. I’ll be wearing that with the EMR2 BDU’s

  3. I like it. I ordered my SSO SPECTRE belt setup last night, I’m in Russia so I’ll get it sooner and can bring it home with me and also picked up an SS Leto suit locally for $30 cause it was cheap and I like that it’s a decent non-pixel pattern. But I’m a camo junkie and SPECTRE, SPECTRE SKWO and EMR2 are really calling me.

    I decided to not order the SPECTRE Partizan suit because I watched a video on YouTube on it and I don’t like how the jacket is cut. So I’m awaiting the EMR2 review because I think it mixed with my green SPECTRE will make a great overall setup and I can attach vegetation to the MOLLE on my belt/harness, boonie and pack.

    The SPECTRE patterns seem to be an enhanced, more realistic EMR and EMR2 because they have bigger pixels and have more intense contrast, EMR just looks green at a distance because the red/browns don’t stand out and SPECTRE has the tan, the pictures of SPECTRE online are very impressive. EMR2 might just look like darker tan at a distance cause while the tan is bright the green and brown will dampen it down a bit and SPECTRE SKWO is a lot brighter.

    They’ll all work, I’m just a junkie.

  4. Here I have taken my SPECTRE ATAKA 5 rucksack top cover/buttpack off and set it to show it compared to EMR, Leto and SURPAT.

    EMR Flash

    EMR No Flash

    SURPAT Flash

    SURPAT No Flash

    LETO Flash

    LETO No Flash

    This SPECTRE color is lighter and more shiney because it’s Cordura fabric with a DWR application, it’s also under a white light in my room so that also plays a role. With SURPAT you can get an idea of how it could match with MARPAT which would be nice having the brown. It would be a lot better with the BTK EMR, every Russian military person I’ve seen here is not wearing that Flora I have pictured, they are wearing the lighter version (not EMR2). That darker EMR I have above is not ripstop fabric, it’s a nice light breathable fabric and I got it to match the Magellan EMR combat shirt I got off eBay thinking it was same EMR as BTK’s.

    My BTK hat and demiseason jacket:

    BTK pants (EMR mixes nicely with MARPAT gear):

    Just food for thought.

    1. Awesome thanks so much for sharing. I can see the different for sure. Good news I’ll be filming today if weather holds out. I’m going full simulation with SMERSH rig, AK, full BDU set, the rucksack, the boonie and face wrap with glvoes.

  5. Where’s that EMR2 test? I went on a 10 day hike with my SPECTRE rucksack and I have some pictures I can share. I didn’t do much of a test, but this pack combined with the SPECTRE LBE setup I have coming will work great with other base patterns like EMR, MARPAT, SURPAT, but even going all SPECTRE I think would be a great pattern. It compares to Pencott Greezone in that it’s a realistic mix of bright and dark colors, but PCGZ is pretty expensive.

    Can see EMR sitting mat as a contrast–TsTjfkw.jpg

    1. I did my first two tests of EMR, check out the videos links below:

      10 day hike, that’s pretty awesome! The SPECTRE camo looks highly effective. Those light patches are great for this time of year. I imagine it’s better than the EMR I tested which when you see the video, it morphs into a blog from a distance.

      Where did you purchase that pack?

      1. Yeah it was with 9 other people in the mountains around Sochi, I rucked with that pack (SSO ATAKA 5) loaded to about 40lbs or so more or less depending on water levels (carried my 3L CamelBak and also 1 or 2 1L bottles), for about 80km or 50 miles. It was really rough terrain, days spent walking up a hill and following the ridge only to go down an ankle deep muddy trail, crossing fast, cold rivers with slippery sharp rocks on the bottom and one river was waist deep. 2 out of the 10 days were rest days and the last day we camped a night at the Black Sea. It definitely was the most extreme hike I’ve been on but also the most beautiful with many waterfalls and canyons with rivers. Learned a lot.

        I ordered the backpack directly some SSO, my fiance is Russian and when I’m here I have access to all the goodies. If I understood correctly, the ATAKA pack is made to be worn with SMERSH LBE. Though I didn’t order SMERSH, just a MOLLE belt because I wanted SPECTRE and my own setup of various pouches, it should still work cause I can adjust the height of the pack and belt. The belt setup was backordered and my order is 2 weeks into the 4 week time for them to make it so hopefully I’ll get it soon.

        ATAKA 4 is just upgraded ATAKA 3 with MOLLE, removeable top that can be used as buttpack, removeable pouch, built using more mordern concepts. ATAKA 5 is the same but I think that it just has more room for adjustment to wear over other equipment like chest rigs/body armor. Here’s an up and close video look at it by a Russian guy in SPECTRE SKWO.

        ATAKA + SMERSH

        1. Outstanding, so 40lbs of gear for that long in the field? Well done, how did you handle the food situation? I can carry about 2 weeks with me, but it surely takes up a bit of space. I’d kill for a chance to get out that long, especially in that area. How much did you pay for the ATAKA?

          Thanks for the video, I’m ramping up for the next camo review…not sure what it’s going to be. Thinking Flek-D or some Pencott Greenzone. We’ll see, cheers!

          1. The pack itself is over 5lbs I think 6-7. Inside I carried a 5lb sleeping bag that my girl and I shared as a blanket. A 5.5lb sleeping mat, if in a real emergency situation I’d get a much much lighter one but this was a nice air mat 7cm thick and long and was worth the weight to have the comfort after entire days of moving. Up to 5L of water which is around 10-11lbs. Took extra clothes we werent sure if it would be cold or wet, so I’d say another 3-5lbs there. Then I had the heavy Katadyn pocket filter, 2 headlamps and 1 flashlight with extra batteries for each, a Jetboil style stove with 2 small gas cans, fire starting stuff, my Canon T5i camera, rope. It was comfortable depending on the shirt, I had some standard cottons shirts and some XGO poly shirts, sweated either way but the poly definitely better, got some acne on one shoulder so that started to hurt being smashed by a shoulder strap.

            For food my girlfriend actually carried 1kg each of rice and buckwheat, with some bean noodles, salt, sugar, coffee, tea, oil, she had all our hygiene products and also carried the 5lb tent. The guy leading the hike brought all the food which was just grains like oats, buckwheat, bulgur and other grains I don’t know the names of. With that there was seasonings, tomato paste, smoked cheese, carrots and onion, chocolates and stuff for tea, there were small villages with small stores in certain areas to restock small stuff and get some fruit or other fresh veggies. It was just a breakfast porridge in the morning and one for dinner with whatever else we brought. There was a lot of edible mushrooms, greens like wild garlic, and other stuff for teas around as well as berry trees/bushes in certain areas and a farm we got some fresh goat milk and kefir from.

            Really it was pretty much my first going off and into the wilderness hike, I’ve lived rurally and in the mountains for years but always had resupply and resources at hand. I had a lot of plans for bugging out or what to have in a pack but after this I realized it was all ideals I can’t meet up with because of weight which included armor, 308 semis, full size 1911, ammo, just MREs, etc.. so now I’m back to the drawing board espcially since I’m not alone now as we’re getting married and have a baby on the way.

            Anyways I paid the 6,950 rub for the ATAKA, which comes out to like $105 which to me is a great price for the size, SPECTRE and potential. I would like to see a Pencott review, I have a Direct Action Ghost pack in Greezone which is awesome like SPECTRE but maybe better just cause it’s not your standard pixel style. I don’t like some parts of the camo, where there’s like a big brown blotch in it but the backpack hides very well, even knowing where I left it sometimes I had to look a little extra just to pick it out having a matching cover for it. Greenzone though is more pricey than SPECTRE, my 30L backpack was $150ish.

  6. What I would like to do for food is make my own MREs/MH style packs. I’m interested in long term food storage and having a place to store it but for now my friend has a nice dehydrator and vacuum sealers. I would like to just take basic grains like rice, oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat, pasta, etc and pack those each in multi or single meal sealed bags.

    Then for each of those have another sealed bag of different dried meat if you like, chopped and dehydrated vegetables like onions, peppers, garlic, carrots, peas, etc, and also have the seasoning packs to go with. For example, have a rice pack with a pack of dried chicken, chopped and dried carrots, onions, garlic, broccoli, red pepper, ginger, with a seasoning pack of salt and maybe a packet of soy sauce to have an asian style meal. Just put what you know is good and you like together for whatever type of meal you want and switch it up so you have variety. This way you know for sure you have fresh real foods, you controlled the entire processing aspect, I think in general it will be much healthier and more enjoyable.

    Same goes for snacks, you can make your own trail mixes and use fresh nuts and seeds, dry your own fruits and whole veggies which gives you a lot better nutrition which is what you really need out there, with no added crap. It’ll probably still weigh as much as MREs, some things I’m sure you can get to be more like MH weights (cous cous or small pasta) but it’s a HUGE difference in nutrition and overall quality. MREs and MH serve their purpose though and for their purpose they’re hard to beat. Just the dehydrator might be pricey for a nice one, vacuum sealer and bags isn’t that expensive, but in the long run considering health and quality it’s worth it.

    That SMERSH looks good and it’s a good price. I checked eBay and there is one guy who has one for $80 but he doesn’t specify what version it really is (AK, SVD, RPK) but if you really wanted to penny pinch you could just message him. It is $40 for shipping though, not sure about the one from SP.

    SSO’s website sells it for about $72 but you’re going to pay more for shipping if they ship to the US. I’m going to Moscow for some personal stuff this week but I will be stopping by their shop to see if I can just pick up my order as it’s been 4 weeks and they said 4 weeks for their factory to make it. I just got a different belt, same suspenders as SMERSH I think but I picked and chose which pouches I wanted to fill it up. They make mostly the same stuff you can find in the US it’s just the SPECTRE is pretty special to me.

    The fabric is good, I’m pretty sure it’s Cordura and it’ll be the same as my pack and I got caught up on a lot of branches and sticks, my arms were all scratched up but the pack has no wear or tear on it from the 10 days I was out. They have an English option for their site, I’d look over that page I linked they have 3 different MOLLE belts to choose from and many options for pouches so I’d send them an email to see if they’ll ship to the US if you wanted to specifically tailor it to your needs. When I get mine I’ll post some pictures of the different pouches and all that. If they don’t ship to the US and you really want your own setup I can get it for you and send it.

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