Upgrade Your Bug Out Bag With These 10 Items

Have you ever looked at your Bug Out Bag and wondered, what am I missing? What can I add, subtract or customize to extend my survival timeline? It’s a reasonable effort but can quickly go south if you add gear just because it’s shiny and cool.

The weight adds up and sooner than later you’re packing the 5 knives, 2 sharpeners and at least 3 flashlights.

This is why I have worked hard over the years to build a Bug Out Bag that makes sense, doesn’t weigh a metric ton, confirms to the 5 C’s and fits the mission at hand.

Here are my top recommendations for upgrading your Bug Out Bag, based on my training and experience. Each item can serve multiple purposes which is vital for a well thought out survival kit and incorporating redundancy without weight.

1. Rain Cover

The rain cover is an essential asset that protects your gear from the elements but also can serve as a quick way to change your pack color. The rain cover is also a great asset for staging your gear while you set up a shelter and when the rain starts to fall, the cover can be used to collect vital water to keep you hydrated and healthy.

2. Portable USB Power Bank

It’s 2019 and devices can be a great asset in a survival situation. Even if the grid is down, a smartphone can be used to pull up cached maps of your location, view documents and more. This is when a Portable USB charger makes a big difference. RAVPower is an excellent choice in a durable waterproof, dustproof charger that not only charges via DC, but also has an integrated solar panel, flashlight, and dual USB ports.

3. Paracord Spool

Keeping your paracord organized and ready for use can be a true PITA. A paracord spool is a great option for avoiding a tangled birds nest of cordage and provides an integrated cutting edge and a clip in for a small Bic lighter

4. Socks & Underwear

Maybe you don’t have enough room in your pack for a full change of clothes, but at a bare minimum, clean socks and underwear are a must. I prefer to use moisture wicking socks and underwear vs cotton. This keeps me cool and dry even in steamy summer conditions and keeps the morale up.

5. Medical Handbook

This quick and easy to read reference guide is a great resource for those untrained in the medical field. The handbook covers treatment of many ailments, from bug bites to broken arms. A must-have for your survival gear.

6. Face Mask

The face cover is a multi-use that is an indispensable part of Bug Out Bag. I use it to conceal my face and blend in the wilderness settings, as protection from bugs and as an option to filter out debris from dirty water before I purify the H20 with my Sawyer Mini

7. Pocket Chainsaw

This item is a great backup for my primary folding saw. It’s small, lightweight and highly effective on tree limbs and provides the ability to get in small spaces where a tradition saw or ax cannot operate

8. External Harddrive

We live our lives in the digital realm so keeping backups of important files is common sense. The Sandisk 500GB SSD provides me with tons of space for storing vital documents, photos, and videos. An added bonus is a small size and quick transfer speed.

9. Sanitation Kit

Staying clean in dirty environments is critical. Why neglect hand washing and basic hygiene in a survival situation. This compact waterproof bag has everything I need to wash up, prevent infections and maintain a sense of normalcy.

10. Collapsible Water Container

When size matters, choose a collapsible water container. When unfilled, this item takes up zero space in your pack and can be used as your primary option for collecting water from lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers.


Adding any or all of these items can be a game changer in a survival situation. However, simply adding gear to add gear doesn’t make you prepared. Getting out and training with your gear and customized for you and the mission at hand is critical.

Check out the links below to all the gear I listed and thanks for the support, cheers!

Fire Force Rain Cover: https://amzn.to/2MRYxNR
Condor Face Wrap: https://amzn.to/2KlWPlS
RAVPower Power Bank: https://amzn.to/2RkaScm
Paracord Spool: https://amzn.to/2ZsJDPG
Medical Handbook: https://amzn.to/2MQYCS7
Collapsible Water Container: https://amzn.to/2RjnNLG
SanDisk 500GB Hard Drive: https://amzn.to/31z5O8G
Livwild Pocket Chainsaw: https://amzn.to/2IOEESx

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